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    How to Build Your Own Smart Phone From Scratch

    How to Build Your Own Smart Phone From Scratch

    Smartphones these days come with all these features, components and accessories that we had no part in choosing. The same way we pick any gadgets at our disposal. What if we had the chance to build our own smartphones with all the cool features we find inside expensive phones?

    When a designer or a manufacturer creates products, do you think they intrinsically came up with the idea all by themselves? Of course not! No giant electronic company reinvented the wheel. Technology how we see it today has been passed down from traditional methodologies that have cleverly been put together to make our everyday tasks easier.

    Let's not criticize and underestimate companies like Apple and Samsung. In fact, Apple has designed the iPhones to be simplistic and easily repaired which means the parts that build these phones don't end up in the landfills.

    If we remove all the components of an iPhone or an Android phone we will see identical parts that bring them together. The world is full of these small but revolutionary elements that make you wonder… What if I source the right team from a country like China and make my own custom phone built for me! That's exactly what Scotty from strangeparts.com did!

    Why China? It's a no-brainer, China has the highest rates of manufacturers that make these so-called iPhone and Samsung phones. It’s so saturated that price is the main reason why you should consider building your own phone that you can build. The next time you want to buy a new phone, maybe go to China and who knows the possibilities that you find there. Adventure after adventure?

    According to Academia.edu, the English language spoken in China is very low, in fact, it's about 0.59-9.64% depending on which part of China you're in. Even if you took the higher percentage of 9.64, that's still very low for a big country like China. So learning the Chinese language is a must if you're considering this exciting opportunity!

    Shenzhen, China, is the hub of cheap electronics. Full of markets that look from the year 1900, yet so advanced in electronics.

    China MarketsSource: StrangeParts.com

    When building your own phone, possibilities are endless, but key features still have to be hounded for it to work. In China, you can get it all, from laser printing to the actual component being made.

    According to Scotty Allen from strangeparts.com, four parts are needed to build a phone (not including the tools to build the phone):

    • Metal backing to house the phone
    • Screen to display the phone
    • Battery to run and operate the phone
    • The logic board that houses all electronic parts of the phone like the camera and home button

    iPhone Components / PartsSource: StrangeParts.com

    The metal backing can be found everywhere in China. You're not limited to dozens of designs but tens of thousands that you won’t find with the mainstream companies like Apple or Samsung. (<$5)

    The screen, however, is a bit more complicated. According to Scotty’s friend, Frank, you need the following to build the screen for your new smartphone:

    • Glass Screen
    • Digitizer
    • LCD
    • Backlight
    • Optic Clear Adhesive (OCA)
    • Touch Sensor 

    Take all the components to a trusted repair shop in China and assemble them together. (cost <$70).

    Assembly of the iPhoneSource: StrangeParts.com

    To get the logic board is very easy, just like the metal backing, you can find it in the markets of China for a few dollars. However, the logic is the most challenging stage of this quest. To find the exact logic board is, in fact, tough due to their demand. (<$100)

    The battery of the phone is easy to find, just make sure you get a safe and tested one which complies with health and safety regulations. (<$10)

    Now that you have all the main components of the phone, you need all the small parts to make it work. (<$5)

    Total cost: ~ $190
    Duration: 2-3 months (Scotty's time)

    You may wonder why to go through all the hassle just to save a few bucks. Scotty has started something big! You hear many from the cyberspace creating their own computers, but now we can envisage people starting this trend!

    It took Scotty around 2-3 months to accomplish this great mission but maybe with this blueprint and his experience this can be shortened down to a few days… or hours.

    Don't forget the box that homes the charger, earphone, manual and the usual accessories of the phone. Shall we build these from scratch too?

    iPhone BoxSource: TheNextWeb.com

    I want to end by quoting this amusing but likely possibility by Armando Ferreira: “Did you pre-order the new iPhone 8? "Nah dawg I flew to China and made my own"


    Welcome to DuskyBlues.com

    Welcome to DuskyBlues.com

    Deep within us, we all have a child who, every now and then, comes out and yearns for the latest and greatest in the world of sports, technology and other luxuries. If it was possible, we’d buy him every latest gadget on the day it was launched but too often these shiny little toys ask for a fortune and we may perhaps sell a kidney just to afford them so in these times the dealers, who negotiate with the manufacturers and suppliers, become especially important for us consumers and the more discounts we get, the happier the child within us becomes.

    As the world converges to a more common market, the choices for us increase manifold but the important thing is that we must have someone who can bring these products, from all over the world, at our doorsteps on a discounted price. In these conditions, Dusky Blues has come as a messiah, which uses its extensive network of suppliers from all over the world to deliver high-quality products without emptying our bank accounts. It is a for-profit venture but the entrepreneurs at Dusky Blues believe in doing business by volume, not by extortion, a customer who goes happily with paying a price he can afford will be more likely to return and buy something again. The model is very simple; really, they’ve created a win-win situation for everyone.

    It’s not just about making the price less than the competition, there has to be a choice too and Dusky Blues offers a world of choice to its customers. With merchandise coming in from all over the world, you really can’t go wrong in picking something to your liking. The categories to pick from include everything individuals may need for themselves, or his/her home and all categories are filled with vast lists of options to choose from. Electronics covers the needs of utility and entertainment while giving a plethora of options for communications whether it’s the latest gaming rig you’re looking for or the latest in the world of our much-loved smartphones.

    Since customers are the people who spend money out of their pockets for the products they buy, it is essential that they get the experience they deserve. This is the principle, which guides us here at Dusky Blues. To execute this as elegantly as possible, we curate our product line from the feedback we get from our customers delivering only the best with a choice you’ll love. This approach defines what online stores need to look like if the goal is the satisfaction of the customer.

    As the technology improves, the line between technology and fashion becomes thinner. Take the case of wristwatches, there was a time when watches were a utility after which they became a fashion accessory but now in our advanced world of technology, they’re a hybrid product catering both to the fashion conscious and technology aficionado, regardless of whichever category you belong to, Dusky Blues has your back whether you want a plain old manual chronometer or the high-tech smartwatch which would tell how many steps you’ve taken throughout the day and how much distance you’ve covered. It’s all available but it doesn’t just end there. There is something for everyone even your toddlers, if you have them, and they’re all available at a discount.

    Then there are special weekly and monthly deals just to make the visit worth your while. Also, the team behind the scenes is great sport and would love to help you should you encounter any problem.

    Good luck shopping =)