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Custom Made Products

Coming soon to you is the chance to demand a product you desire to be made specifically for your needs and passion!

Our intention is to invent and make unique products to meet your precise needs.

We are passionate about delivering to our customers what they want. This new approach is still undergoing major revisions to fully deliver this service from concept to a prototype to the actual product.

The appearance of the product is just as important as the actual configurations of the product, so we are building a team of dedicated designers for this very purpose.

We will notify all our visitors and customers by email (for those who are subscribed to the site) and on our sites news/blog section at once this has been made available.

To request a custom made product you are required to do as follows:

  • Submit an application on Make sure to specifically address your needs and why this is important to you.
  • Once your Project Request Form is received, please wait for a response from our designers. We reply to requests as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • After we have reviewed your application, one of the following decisions will be made depending on the priority score of the intended product to be made:

Accept Project

Decline Project

Consider Project

All our decisions are strictly made collectively with our team, and we will respond to you via email with a detailed reason for our conclusion.

With projects that are either considered or accepted our team will work closely with the product user, to assure that the resulting product is a success.

Once the final product is designed and approved by both our team and the intended user of the product, we will send the project to the manufacturer to build the product. All estimation times and cost will be addressed after the final assessment of the project.

The manufacturer will contact us once the product is ready and we will ship it and deliver to you. We will be directly in contact with the product user to ensure proper use and maintenance of the product.

We do not accept returns on custom made products!

You can get more information regarding this by contacting us via email on