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'Glow Tracks' Racing Set

    1. Introducing this brand new product that children are absolutely in love with! These totally cool race tracks that glow in the dark will leave your child entertained for hours! Snap the pieces together and create a costomized track for the race car to pass through it.
    1. Suitable for ages: 3+ years
    2. Amazing tracks that bend, flex and glow in and direction
    3. Includes up to 220 pieces pieces of glow tracks
    4. Each set comes with 1 LED light up race car that keeps the track glowing
    5. Rolls up for easy storage
    1. 52 Piece Set (SOLD OUT)
    2. 165 Piece set (our most Popular Option)
    3. 220 Piece set (a huge expansion set, the best value for money)
  • Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery!

Amazing Racing Tracks

A luminous and colorful glow in the dark racetrack that is completely customizable is guaranteed to provide you with both an innovative and exciting experience that the entire family can enjoy.