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    1. Designed by a photographer, the Led Case case for iPhone offers studio-quality front and back facing lights. Its warm, natural light gives you freedom of perspective—you can capture what you want, how you want it. And the sleek, drop-resistant construction helps enhance your creativity even more. Whether you’re a photographer, cinematographer, or enthusiast, the Led Case gives you light to capture any moment—from dawn to dusk in dim or dark—from both sides of the lens.
    1. Flicker-free front and back facing LED lights
    2. Adjustable dimmer
    3. Output 2000 Lux (front) and 2600 Lux (back)
    1. LED Lighting Case for iPhone
    2. Micro USB cable
  • Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery!

Using instructions

1. Click once to Open/Close LED

2. Long press button to adjust and control the light intensity

3. Double click the button to enter the flash mod

4. Double click again the button to enter the SOS flash mode.

5. Double click again the button to enter the LED flash mode.