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Powerful USB LED Fan Clock

Are you bored in your office or just looking to chill this summer? Then this USB powered fan will keep you cool while staying on top of your priorities as this gadget has a display LED clock as it spins. It is 100% SAFE to use. Its blades are soft but durable so it won't hurt you even if you involuntarily touch it while it is spinning. Its neck is made of flexible iron making you able to turn the fan in any direction and at any height.
    1. The USB LED Fan Clock displays the hour, minute and seconds.
    2. It always follows the time, even if you have unplugged it once.
    3. Easy to use just plug into any USB power source. To set time, just press and hold the on/off switch.
    1. LED Flash
    2. Unique shape and flexible
    3. Suitable for laptop, desktop PC and USB source
    4. Soft foam blade
    5. Powered by USB port
    6. Very Small and compact ready to take with you anywhere
    7. Quiet and noiseless which will not disturb your work
    8. Make you feel more comfortable at work
    1. Material: Metal Alloy
    2. Length: approx. 40cm
    3. Fan Diameter: approx. 88mm
    4. Color: Silver
    5. Net weight: 60g

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